There is a famous Jewish and Arab phrase: “I wish you a great number of employees” No, it is not said in a positive way. If you take a good look at the numbers, you will find out this phrase has become even more relevant in the past few years. 80% of all employees are disengaged at work. It is actually one of the worst things that can happen to your company. It is costing companies worldwide too much money. The best companies understand employees are their best assets and if they are not motivated, the customer will also feel that.

Three biggest reasons why employees are disengaged and what you can do to increase engagement and business.

  1. Employees are lost

Many employees are frustrated because they feel like to have to read their managers’ mind. They don’t know how they are doing regarding their performance and how they can improve. Their annual performance review is sometimes the only chance to find out.

TIP: Introduce informal feedback sessions during the entire year and be very clear about roles, responsibilities and give employees an appropriate amount of autonomy and authority.


  1. Employees feel non-appreciated

Many of the employees state their manager is so tied up in doing business and forgets about personal attention. They understand the spans of control are so large and a manager is having difficulties in time management. Without business, employees are not needed. Without employees, business is losing. Still, feeling non-appreciated is one of the main reason why employees are disengaged.

TIP: Block time in planning to sit down with the team and individual employees. Frequently acknowledge and recognize each employee for their contribution in ways that matter to them. Understand the aspirations and goals of each employee.

  1. Employees are not aligned with the WHY

Studies show it is extremely important to be very constituent about company values, vision, mission and strategy. Basically, your WHY. It will create a spark with the right employees.

TIP: Make sure each employee has a clear sense of where the company has been, where it is now and where it is going. Align it with very clear expectations regarding mindset, behavior and performance.


To say it in a simple way

Disengaged employee: decrease in motivation = increase in costs = customer not happy= decrease in sales. By following the tips in this article, it will lead to:

Engaged employee: increase in motivation = decrease in costs = customer happy= increase in sales.

Want to know more about increasing your employee engagement or share your experiences? Please let me know in a comment below.



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