The 4 messages every employee needs to hear to stay motivated

Most people in leadership positions are fully aware of how much time and energy they spend on disengaged employees. What most people in leadership positions don’t realize, is the staggering costs in employee turnover. Recent research showed  80% (!) employees are disengaged.  The importance of employee engagement is immense. Here are 4 messages you can ask to increase employee engagement.


  1. “This is our mission, vision and strategy and this is why”

One of the most important messages leadership should be sending out is to make sure each employee has a clear sense of where the company has been, where it is now and where it is headed. Simply to understand why they are working at your company, how their own ambitions and work fit into that. It gives every employee the opportunity to think about their contribution to the company goals.

  1. “With your contribution, we are making the difference’’

Author Simon Sinek mentioned it before: “Customers will never love your company until your employees love it first” Each employee need to understand their role and responsibilities and need to be given an appropriate amount of autonomy and authority.  Combine this with the reason how they are adding value to the customer and your employee will be more engaged.

  1. “We invest in your personal development because you are important to us”

Great leadership understands how engaged employees make the difference. By providing the resources, training, information and time for them to succeed, the engagement will be bigger and the company will benefit from that.


  1. “Let’s start a dialogue in order to develop into greater people and a greater company”

Start by providing informal feedback. Get to know your employees. Make sure each employee know exactly what you expect, how their personal performance is going and where improvement is needed. Last but not least: great leadership is always actively seeking, considering and acting on advice on how they can be a better leader. Dialogue is about employee development and about your development as a leader.


Employee engagement is about understanding and aligning the company purpose and goals to the individual purpose and goals. Make sure every employee understands the importance of why your company exists and where it is going. Acknowledge the importance of your employees and nurture it.  Your employee engagement will increase with the simple use of four messages.

Want to know more about increasing your employee engagement or share your experiences? Please let me know in a comment below.



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