Inclusion: are you invited and dancing at the party?

Inclusion is very often named in one breath with diversity. Yet, both have different meaning and are combined incredibly strong. Nowadays, a lot of companies keep saying how inclusion is their strategy. However, inclusion is nothing without diversity and vice versa.


Stop hiding!

In my previous article, I discussed the real meaning of diversity and the three dimensions involved. If you have not read it just yet, I can recommend reading this. You will understand why diversity and inclusion combined is the key to success.  As for the companies saying they only do inclusion, explain why, how and what. Perhaps you may find out it is actually diversity and inclusion you are claiming and not just inclusion.  For the companies still stating it is inclusion: stop hiding behind a big wall of ignorance. Inclusion is only successful when diversity is also practised.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion: a group of people is an automatic and integral part of the organization and takes an equal place in it. Be it as a distinct subgroup.

Inclusion is often explained as standardization, participation and integration. In these concepts, it is about a certain group has to adapt to the norms and values of the wider society and within an organization. These so-called barriers ensure that certain groups of people are labelled. With labelling, the organization denies these people the right to participate as full citizens in all areas of social life and within the organization. This offers a human rights perspective on the definition of inclusion.

Ask yourself this

Inclusion is a human right. Because everyone is human, everyone is allowed to join the party and dance. No labels, no differences in personality (diversity) or anything else.

And for the companies out there still claiming they are only inclusive (and not diverse): when was the last time all of your employees were at your party and were invited to dance as well and feel comfortable doing so as they wish to and be themselves completely as they are? Think about it, research and then start planning your next party. Have fun!

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