Magic, this is where it happens with diversity and inclusion

Both so different and yet so needed to be combined. Why? Diversity is about the personality, the individual. Inclusion is about the whole, being part of a big community. Today, people need to feel as they are unique (they are, there is no other person identical in personality to you) and still feel a longing to be part of the whole.

*If you need more info about what diversity and inclusion are: please read my previous articles. It will give you so much more insight!

In short: diversity

Diversity is about the individual and all aspects involved in one’s personality. It can be explained in three dimensions. Dimension 1 is the aspects of a person that are obvious, dimension 2 about what can be found out doing research/ with more efforts and dimension 3 is where you need to start digging and get to know the person really well. Not that many people are willing to go towards level 2, let alone level 3. And if you think about it, 85% of all employees are not engaged. Perhaps it is time to spend more attention to applying more attention to your employees.

In short: Inclusion

On the other hand, not that many people feel comfortable giving you information usually found in dimension 3. That is what we call inclusion: are people feeling comfortable enough to be themselves in the company and sharing their personality? No labels, just being human and trusting each other.

Inclusivity is about the larger social being of human rights. In recent decades, the emphasis has indeed shifted from the individual to the environment. In any case, an inclusive approach – well thought out and consistently implemented – should lead to people experiencing fewer limitations when working within the organization. An inclusive approach should ensure that it is less noticeable whether or not one is different and how one focuses less on the “being different” of the person.

Inclusion is a process that starts with valuing diversity within the organization. All employees have a contribution to make. Appreciate differences, use it as a way of empowerment and respect. Inclusion is a permanent process in which the “label” dimension is becoming less and less important.


The winning combo

The combination of diversity and inclusiveness provides a powerful sense of belonging and connectedness. There is room for the why, how and what of the individual within the why how and what of the organization. A strong connection between both is the start of an excellent employee-employer relationship leading to personal and organizational growth.

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