Diversity: individualism versus community

Did you know diversity is about three dimensions? No? You are not the only one. Most people and companies are struggling to find the right definition and implementation of diversity. I will tell you something: as unique as people are, so are companies. Which also means the diversity implementation is also unique. Feeling lost even more?  No worries. I will explain the three dimension, the importance and how you can create focus.

The winning combo

In my latest article, I explained how diversity and inclusion combined, are the winning combo. I also urged companies to stop hiding behind the inclusion excuse. Most employees do not feel as if they can be themselves at the company and are therefore not engaged. Yep, a whopping 85% people. 85%!  If you want to read my article, please do. It can give you a better understanding of diversity and inclusion.

The importance

So the three dimensions in diversity can be displayed by a diversity circle. Inside at the heart of the diversity strategy is the individual and personality. Now because this is always unique, how can you make sure this particular employee ( and every other particular employee) is ultimately engaged? Yes, you just read it right. It is about diversity creating employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, happy, flexible and innovative. In short, engaged employees will create the ultimate return of investment (ROI).

The rule is to get to know the why the how and the what of the employee and start that sparkle! You can use diversity as a strategy. Nike and Netflix are already on board. They have embraced diversity and inclusion completely. I don’t need to tell you about their successes right, they are the ultimate leading game changers in their industry inspiring others to go for it as well.

Individualism vs community

This might surprise you, but as a sociologist, I can tell you something amazing has been happening all over the world. People are becoming aware of their individualism and uniqueness AND of their part in the community worldwide. Which means that inclusion is happening on a worldwide scale already! Young people are concerned about the environment and calling out politicians to step up, people all over the world are standing up against gun violence and war. Why? Because they are as an individual and understand that they mean I. The entire world is so close because of (online) media and the internet.  It only brings more opportunities to create more employee engagement as well with inclusion.

So tell me, when are you stepping up with diversity and inclusion?

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