War on talent and gender equality, creating THE competitive edge

Many companies are facing recruitment issues, especially in specialist profiles. When the war on talent debate started, it was developed because of the lack in profiles specifically within the IT, data, engineering side and the online social media world. Nowadays, we can see a war on talent in various areas is specialism besides these. Especially within profiles with a more community,  customer and employee engagement focus. So how do you make sure to attract the right talent and create a competitive advantage?

The solution might be very surprising

Latest information for  Japan shows how foreign (non-Japanese) firms are creating their competitive edge with a proactive gender strategy. Japan is a so-called masculine country in which the male still portraits as the dominant and wanted gender in talent recruitment within Japanese companies.

How to use this information in your advantage:

Get to know the country in gender equality info

If you understand the country you as a company are active, you can also make the effort in finding out what the status is in gender equality. If it is a most masculine dominated country, it can give you the advantage to use. Focus on women instead.

Give information about your company culture

 In Japan, the masculine company culture is a given. It is only normal for anyone to assume your company culture would be the same (as traditional Japanese company culture) Make sure to give adequate information about your company vision, mission, strategy and especially company culture. Preferable in visual and letting your employees do the talking. For example on the company website videos of written interviews with photos. It is real, sincere and transparent.

Emphasize your gender equality vision

 For example, most smart, ambitious Japanese women would rather want to work for a foreign company than to be asked to work at a traditional, masculine, dominated Japanese company. They want to be hired because of their personality (diversity) and treated equal (inclusion).  Use this as your advantage in your real, sincere and transparent way of portraying your company.

Find out what your talent want

 I keep saying this to a lot of companies and their talent acquisition teams. You can do all the research you want, the best information you want Is the realistic information straight from the source. Ask you talent what makes them happy, successful and how they see this within your company. What do they want?


What seems to be very normal to you, is not always as normal to somebody else. Especially when we are discussing doing business abroad. Better knowledge about the country culture and talent needs will help you be more effective in doing business and talent acquisition. Finding opportunities in the current war on talent, gender equality debate will lead to increasing your revenue and making a social and sustainable impact, how great is that?


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