Ethnic diversity, is migration a challenge or an opportunity?

Ethnic diversity, a hot topic and yet nobody really seems to be eager to talk about it. Why is that? People have been moving around the globe for decades and yet it is still a very touchy topic. Or, so it seems. I mention “so it seems” because it seems to be a touchy subject to many Western countries. Although it brings opportunities as well.


It is a known fact how in particular, Western countries have been colonizers in the past. Portugal had Brazil. The Netherlands had Surinam and Italy had Eritrea for example. The colonizer had the intention of gaining economical profit of the colony.  How the people were treated, was of no issue or let’s just say it as it is: people were not treated as human beings.

Conclusion: then don’t aspect people to ignore slavery, it is part of their history and yours as well. Plus, understand that history is told by people in a different way. For example, The Dutch call their time in Indonesia “The Golden Century”, the Indonesian people call it hell.


So when slavery and colonization were done, people decided to leave their country. The country was drained from economic possibilities and people were not trained and educated to develop a country and economy on their own. The chance to leave their country and go to the colonizer country was a real option and many have taken it.

Plus: this is something that is still happening today. Colonizer is now more economical and political. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan was oil-driven and so is Syria. Would you stay in a burning country with no future in sight? No! you wouldn’t and if you had the chance to leave, you would! After World War 2, Europe needed to be rebuilt. There were not enough people around. There you have it: the migration of various people all over the world to build up a brave new world.


Leaving a burning no future in sight country or leaving to build up another country. European politics had never the intention of allowing these people to stay longer or even permanent. There were no investments made in housing, schooling etc. People were left on their own. Guess what: they started working damn hard to make sure they had a future.  What happened? They never forgot where they came from, families were reunited and children were born.

Diversity & Inclusion

Now, I can tell you all the challenges that come along ethnic diversity but I won’t. Because it is mostly from a media point of view. The reality is that most immigrant descendants lead normal lives. They work or they are entrepreneurs and their children go to school. Research shows, these children are very successful at school and are currently on the rise at universities. Why? Their upbringing, the resilience, the determination. All given by their history and family.

Did you know these traits are seen in the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide? Diversity is about the personality and if this is the personality you are getting dear employer, consider yourself damn lucky. Inclusion is about seeing the connection in it all, we are all human beings. So next time an “immigrant a “refugee” applies to a job, remember this article and consider yourself lucky and plan a job interview. Let yourself be amazed!

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