Happiness is….an employee and employer responsibility

There is this trend going around, the trend is called the Chief Happiness Officer. What? Yes, the CHO.  Mostly responsible to create employee work happiness within the company. How? By investing in the wellbeing of employees. Nothing wrong with that right? The thing is….it is not only an employer’s responsibility.



Work happiness is important, it can lead to more happy and engaged employees and that will lead to fewer health issues and better performance. Good right?

Let’s be real

However, it is more than just work happiness.  Happiness should be about life happiness, all aspects of someone’s life. Whatever is going on at home, will also occur at work and vice versa.

Plus, an employee is still responsible for their own happiness. Let’s say an employee has a troubled marriage and is very often calling in sick. Is this a reason to work on more employee happiness or do you need to invest in another way? Happiness will increase when the home situation is better. How far will you go as an employer to make an employee happy? You can give happiness workshops. yoga or even free lunch. Nothing will help until that employee will decide and act upon their own happiness.

Ask and you will receive

I always ask one question when I am at my client’s office and they are considering a CHO: How do you know what makes your employee happy?

Most of the time I will receive the same answers: that generation of employee likes yoga, we should provide free lunch or maybe we should invest in more office parties. WRONG! These are assumptions based upon your point of view. This is not about you, this is about that unique personality of your employee.

Then I will ask them: do you know what the essence is of my specialism? It is asking why the person is here on the planet, learning more about their life purpose. With that, it will start a dialogue about who they are, what they want to do in their life and how. The essence is being happy. Ask the right questions and you will receive information to develop your employee happiness and company performance leading to sustainable impact.




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