The 5 biggest reasons a leader will fail

Yes, the 5 biggest reasons a leader will fail. They can be predicted. How often do you read about how to succeed as a leader? Well, not today. This is about the 5 ways you will fail. The good news is, after reading this. You will learn to recognize where you stand regarding your position and development of a leader within your company.

Ego, impatience and not knowing your SWOT

As much as you want to make sure your employer will notice you, sometimes it is your ego that get’s in the way. Your ego will tell you: do the work, you need to do this to make sure you are noticed. Don’t fall into this trap, your ego is vain. Whatever is vain, will lead to failure. Perhaps it is not your job, perhaps it is not the way to get noticed. Just don’t do it because of your ego.

Being impatience is a very good example of your ego. It means you are focusing on your own need instead of the situation of your client/customer.

Everyone has an ego. The right way to handle it, is to know you have one and ask yourself questions during situations: is this me, what are my Strengths, Weaknesses and will this lead to Opportunities of Threats? (SWOT) Self-reflection is key.

Incompetent leadership

 A lot of people in leadership positions are often conscious about their responsibility level. A lot, there are still people in leadership position out there that are just not meant to be in that position. Lack of experience, lack of leadership qualities, given the job because of age etc. This happens everywhere. This incompetent leader will suck the life out of you and will drain your energy. It is not worth your energy. My piece of advice: set up a strategy to ask or apply for another position within the outside of the company. If you decide to stay: you will need to show courage, endurance and patience. I do not recommend this when you know this person is not going anywhere.

Incompetent employees

Just as they are incompetent leaders, so are incompetent employees. Make sure to understand why they are incompetent and see through how they do things and what they do. Perhaps when you believe some training and development might help, go for it. If it is no help, perhaps it is time to say goodbye.

PS: I deal with this situation all the time. Just because an employee is incompetent in their job in a specific department, does not mean they would be incompetent in another department. Perhaps a switch is better for the employee and the company!

Not treating everyone the same

Nepotism is one that will occur very often.  Some companies are filled with family members and friends, sometimes it is a family company. Just know, you need to make sure you understand the rules and expectations. If it is a  family business and the family is clear about their expectations when it comes down to family members, accept it. You have no excuses. Don’t like it? Get out. That’s how it works.

If you notice practices of favouring and penalizing, research why, how and what. If it is in your influence to change it, then do so. Great leaders treat everyone with respect and are always working from positive intentions and actions.

Lack of discipline

A leader without discipline cannot discipline employees. This will only lead to failure as a leader. You have to earn their respect by having a vision, mission and strategy. Employees want and will follow if you do.

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