Do you have everything you need to innovate? How much urgency is there around innovation at your company? It seems innovation is often linked to technology nowadays. What you might forget, it that innovation starts with the human aspect. A need, sense of urgency and then creativity.

Your answer to the question will give you a good perspective about how well employees and leaders will deal with change and your focus. It will not give you a good perspective on the needed resources to tackle the urgency. There is a great way to find this out and it all starts with tapping into the best source you (probably) already have: your employees!


Engaged employees

The best kind, the kind that will make your company, your customer and innovation happy. Engaged employees are happy and successful in their life and also work. Engaged employees are so motivated, they are willing to follow you until the end of times. Simply because they BELIEVE and FEEL and KNOW from a deeply personal level reflected into the deep level of the company they work with.

Yes, it is that simple. I can hear you think: But did research show how 85% of all employees are not engaged? Can you imagine what 1 non-engaged employee can do to your company, to your customers? Imagine it being almost 75% of your entire staff doing it. Ugh, I don’t want to imagine it and yet, I see it all the time. Get rid of the non-engagement employees. Don’t feel sorry for them, just make sure you do it with integrity. Yes, it is true, sadly. You need to a really good cleanup before you can tap into all that greatness.

How to get there

  1. In order to tap into that greatness and potential innovation force of engaged employees, you need to make sure as a company you understand your own WHY, HOW and WHAT. The true still exist, now thy self.
  2. This rule also exists for your employees. A great way to find out your company and employee WHY-HOW-WHAT is to use diversity and inclusion strategies within your company culture
  3. Bring together the company: WHY-HOW-WHAT: employee. Find out who is engaged and who is not.
  4. Start innovating with the engaged employees

Good luck!



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