From change management to development, the future is now

At the end of 2019, I looked back on a special year and a special decade. You probably have as well. The past decade have been very special to me. When I see the connection with my work … well .. then it comes to a considerable development process. I think most of us here recognize this as well. Have you developed professionally and personally? Did you go from change management to development?

From basic operational to Operational Excellence.

When I look back at HR 10 years ago, the specialism has changed completely. HR started as a basic operational organizational department. Basic human operational work has developed into Operational Excellence. The work shifted from administrative toward technology and more from an organizational and human development perspective. If technology can deliver a far better performance than humans, technology will do so. People will increasingly focus on the what really matters: the development of organizational culture with people at the centre and technology as tool.

Which is actually the same as growing up. You are born as a child and you develop in phases. This is also a professional matter. Almost everyone starts in an operational role and starts experimenting and practicing. In particular to how something can and ultimately can be improved.

From change management to constant development

Is it a hype? I’m still not sure. Change is about behavior. Everyone has an idea about this and forgets behavior is formed in your early years as a child. Do we seriously think that with a 3 to 5 year “change plan” you can change human behavior? People don’t change because someone else has designed a plan for it. There is always resistance and it will always be when it is imposed. Change comes when people are ready for it based on their own needs.

I can still remember how a change process was imposed on me by an employer. “We are now going to change into a self-managing organization”. As junior, I realized how strange is was how my manager would be able to decide everything. This would affect my overall performance and my entire career. He was not ready for it (which he honestly admitted). I had no desire whatsoever to have my career be influenced by someone who was not ready at all.

A postive attitude and mindset is the key to succes. I am someone who always likes to see the positivity aspects of any situation. I started a dialogue with my manager and we had good conversations about each other’s expectations and development process within the so-called change process.

Recognizable to someone? You do that in every type of relationship. At home, with your parents, that first boyfriend / girlfriend and for whom it applies: with your life partner and your children. We develop together as a person and that remains unchanged.

From appraisal of performance to development dialogue

If you already do this with your manager or as a person in a leadership position  (and actually everyone with whom you have a relationship), I congratulate you. You are a frontrunner. The employer-employee relationship becomes less hierarchical. Instead of the old fashion appraisal of performance, it is about the development of the person now and in the future. The old fashioned way becomes a dialogue.

As we become more mature, we also become more aware of how we want to live our lives. I certainly do. I see my work – entrepreneurship – as an expression of why I am here (my purpose). This includes much more than my performance as an entrepreneur and is more about the various aspects that shape me as a person. When these different aspects are all nourished and cherished, I develop as a person and my customers only benefit from it.

How is your development progressing? Did you develop professionally and personally and if so, why and how?

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